One of the hardest parts of being stuck at home for me has been not being able to go to a coffee shop regularly. I do make quite a bit of coffee drinks at home but there are certain ones that just can’t be made at home. I have spent the past few weeks creating my own versions of my usual go-to drinks from some of my local coffee shops. These aren’t exact replicas but they are delicious enough to get me through this quarantine!


I am a huge fan of green tea lattes. I normally order (from Starbucks) a green tea latte with almond milk and vanilla. I know that by adding in the vanilla it isn’t the healthiest option so for my at-home version I have subbed out the vanilla syrup to make a healthier alternative.

Here’s how to make it:

  • 1 tbsp. matcha powder
  • 1 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 2-4 drops liquid stevia (only if using unsweetened almond milk)

mix all ingredients together with a whisk or in a nutra/magic bullet to get frothy and serve over ice.


I also love an iced chai latte on warm, sunny days. Out of all of the drinks I make at home the chai was the easiest to master AFTER I found the right chai blend. For myself, I like it a little more on the spicy side rather than the sweet side so this comes down to personal preference. If you prefer the spicy side I highly recommend the Trader Joe’s Chai Concentrate. If you prefer the more sweet blend the Tazo version is really good! This recipe is really about how YOU like your chai so the portions may vary based on your taste.

Here’s how to make it:

  • 1/4 cup chai
  • 1 cup vanilla almond milk (unsweetened)
  • a splash of milk of choice (I use lactose free whole milk)

mix together by stirring and serve over ice.


this is one of my more recent coffee obsessions from a local coffee shop. I know that it may sound like a strange combo but it’s essentially a cold brew mocha and it’s AHMAZING! This is also probably the most simple coffee to make.

Here’s how to make it:

  • chocolate milk of choice (I use chocolate almond milk)
  • cold brew of choice (I use store bought Stok brand)

put ice in a tall glass and pour in cold brew until it fills up half the cup and then top off with chocolate milk.


Okay, so I admit that this isn’t something I had ever heard of until quarantine BUT it quickly became one of my go-to coffee drinks! Not only is it delicious but it is also fun to make. I am a big fan of strong coffee so I love it but I have had a lot of people who reached out to me (after seeing me post it 24-7) saying they didn’t like it because it is too strong.

Here’s how to make it:

  • 2 tbsp instant coffee
  • 2 tbsp white sugar
  • 2 tbsp hot water
  • milk of choice (I prefer oat milk)

blend mixture together in a bowl using a hand mixer until mixture is whipped cream consistency. Spoon over ice and milk of choice.

What drinks have you been missing from your favorite coffee shop? There are still a few more on mine! I think next I want to tackle Thai tea and the Dragon Drink from Starbucks.




-going for a walk in the beautiful Spring weather and getting fresh air-

-discovering a new coffee drink thanks to TikTok-

-finally investing in some AirPods-

– playing with my room decor and using books as a fun element-

-sprucing up my patio with some new herbs-

I am actively trying to find ways to stay positive (and not completely freak out over what is happening in the world). I have decided to try a Friday’s Five to look back at my week and think about all the wonderful things that have happened throughout my week as well as things that have been keeping me sane.

I am officially just past the two week mark or self-isolation. I have had some pretty rough days; I’m not going to lie. There was one day where I was in the worst mood ever because it felt like nothing was going right and I felt very “caged-in” at home. On the whole though, I have been doing pretty good.

This past week I have really appreciated going for a nice long walk in the beautiful Spring weather. It honestly put me in such a good mood! The fresh air, migrating butterflies everywhere, and all the trees made for the perfect afternoon. It was so nice not being cooped up in my apartment for a little bit and spending some time with my favorite pup. I also have been trying to spruce up my patio because TBH I have let it go this past year and was looking real sad. I bought some herbs from Lowes and Home Depot to plant and hopefully enjoy over the next month of isolation.

On the home front, I have discovered a new fave (quick and easy) coffee recipe courtesy of TikTok! It is a whipped coffee and I am loving it. I also have been tinkering with my bedroom decor. I want to make it my perfect little relaxation haven to retreat to when I can’t (or don’t want) to be in the common spaces of the apartment. I have been loving taking all my books out of storage boxes and implementing them as decor in my room!

I recently made an investment and purchased some AirPods Pro. I didn’t have any headphones (thanks to my wire chewing cat) and it honestly was weighing on me. I have to do video lectures for school and every Sunday I have a virtual game night with friends all over the country. Not having headphones was a struggle because I was annoying everyone that I lived with. Now that I have some I honestly have improved my well-being! I absolutely love them and I love that there are different size earbuds and noise cancelation.

Thank you so much for taking some time to read and I hope you all are finding ways to stay safe during this stressful and scary time. Stay safe out there friends!