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In about one month I leave for Spain!

I have so much to do before then– I have to figure out what to wear, figure out transportation, and figure out what I need to buy for a 23 hour travel day. Here are some of the things I have bought and want to buy for my long-haul flight.

I recently bought this neck pillow and I am honestly so excited to use it. This pillow can conform to pretty much any position you need for sleeping. I also need to buy an eye mask like this one for my flight. I tend to have trouble sleeping so I plan on buying some liquid IV sleep to help me out. My goal is to try and make the longest leg of my trip as comfortable as possible, so I plan on buying this foot hammock to help keep my blood circulating. The longest stretch I have on a plane is about 14 hours long. I bought these deodorant wipes to help keep me smelling fresh.

If you have any items you love when you travel please let me know! I am still searching for some gems.




Even typing this out is so surreal…I am going to BARCELONA!

This trip was very unexpected, and is coming up very soon. I will be going at the end of March into early April (which is about two months from now). It has been a long time since I have traveled overseas and I am so excited. I also am slightly nervous to travel so far during COVID and I am also nervous that this trip could be canceled like all my trips in 2020. You can read about that in this post and this post.

I’m sure you are wondering how this trip came about because I stated it was unexpected. Long story short, my boyfriend recently had COVID. While he was confined to his room, I think he got a little bit of cabin fever and it amplified his travel bug. So, he randomly booked us flights to Barcelona for his spring break when he saw a flight deal come through to his email. I had no idea he was doing this; I just got a call one day on my way to work and he told me he bought flights.

I can’t wait to take you along on this trip with me! I will of course be sharing everything we do and see on our adventure. What types of things would like to see on this blog? I would love to share the things I want to get for the trip, but would love to know if there is anything you want to know so leave me a comment down below!




January is the first month of the year, and it usually a month to set goals and get your life together. I have done a lot of planning this past month, as well as cleaning and organizing. One of things I would like to do more of is sharing my Amazon purchases with all of you. I love finding things on Amazon, and I love seeing what other people buy. Here is what I bought this month on Amazon.


I realized I lack a lot of greens in my diet. While I do eat veggies and take vitamins, I felt like it wasn’t enough. I decided to try this greens powder out in a new smoothie (recipe coming soon) and I love it! I also love that this greens powder has probiotics in it too.


To go along with my new smoothie I bought this vanilla bean powder. I think its so fun and delicious. I can’t wait to add it to more things like blended coffee drinks and baked goods.


Speaking of smoothies, when the weather is warmer or I can finish one before I get out the door, I love making smoothies. I find they are so easy to prep and put together and they are delicious! However, I really struggle with taking them to-go because my blend jet cups have no lids and I find them cumbersome to tote about at work. I found these very aesthetic smoothie jars and they are a game changer. They have bonus points for being dishwasher safe too.


For Christmas I received a Nespresso machine and have been loving it. I especially love making lattes with the espresso pods. Since Spring is right around the corner I decided to get a Pistachio syrup and it is the most delicious syrup I think I have ever tasted. I also got this pump to go on the bottle for quick and easy dispensing.


My closet needs a little bit of updating. Over the past year I did a lot of purging, and I have a lot of holes in my wardrobe now. One area I really want to work on is my dresses. I feel like I only have summer and spring dresses, but none for cooler temperatures. I saw this dress and love how cozy it is. It can easily be dressed up with tights and boots or can be worn by itself with a pair of sneakers. I love having pieces that are versatile.

I honestly love finding things on Amazon. What did you buy recently that you love?




I picked up many things from being in quarantine in 2020. I learned how to make a good Manhattan, I learned to cross-stitch, and I also learned about a brand named Stoney Clover Lane.

I was introduced to SCL via Instagram, and instantly fell in love. When I found out that they had Disney patches, it was the nail in the proverbial coffin.

Fast forward to today, and I have quite the little collection started.

I get so many questions about all my pieces, both on Instagram and in-person, that I decided to make 3 separate posts to showcase what I have (and of course give you all the details).

Welcome to my Stoney Clover Lane Disney collection!


Let’s start with the basics.

I started off with only Mickey and Minnie patches because at the time, they were the only Disney patches SCL had. The hardest part for me was deciding what color to put them on. I ultimately ended up with “sky” for all of my Disney pieces because I really liked how they looked on the pastel blue, but the color also reminded me of retro Disneyland for some reason.

I have four main pieces: A mini pouch, a clear travel pouch, a fanny pack, and a classic backpack.

{Mini sized pouch in “sky” with Mickey 3″ patch}

{Clear travel pouch in “sky” with “HOME” rolled embroidered letters in “sky” with a 2″ Mickey patch}

{Classic fanny pack in “sky” with 3″ Mickey + Minnie patches}

{Classic backpack in “sky” with 5″ Mickey + Minnie patches}

I have used all of these in the park interchangeably and love them all. Not only can I use them as standalone pieces, but I love that they all can match and be a set if I want them to be.

Unfortunately these patches are no longer sold. When I bought mine, it was through a personal shopper for Walt Disney World. They were originally only sold at Fable gift shop at the Four Seasons Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Once SCL received a license to create more Disney products, they discontinued the Mickey and Minnie patches. Your best bet is to find a seller online through a Facebook group or if you don’t mind paying a lot, there is always Poshmark.

Do I have a small stash hidden away?! of course, but I am saving them for a rainy day!


The Princess collection came about towards the end of 2021. When it was first announced I was very excited, but once I saw the patterns my excitement went down a bit. I only really like the Cinderella print and the Belle print. I was very choosey when it came to this collection because I wanted to make sure I spent my money on items that I truly love and can see myself using multiple times.

I currently have five items: A carriage fanny pack, two scrunchies, and a glass slipper patch.

{“Seeing Stars” collection fanny pack in “cloud” (no longer available) with Cinderella carriage patch}

{Nylon Scrunchie in “Countdown to Midnight” print}

{Nylon Scrunchie in “Enchanted Beauty” print}

{Glass slipper patch}

I have plans to put my glass slipper on a mini to use in the parks as well as everyday. I also plan on adding to these items at some point. I would love to get a notebook in the Countdown to Midnight print for a planner sleeve as well as one in the “enchanted Beauty” print to use as a book sleeve.

Do you have anything SCL Disney? I would love to know what pieces you have and how they are customized (if they are) so please leave me a comment down below!




{Starting of the New Year with a quick trip to Disneyland}

{Getting in the last mickey gingerbread cookie until December}

{Enjoying my new Nespresso machine with shots of espresso in these cute cups}

{Feeling grateful for my vehicle after my last car was stolen this time last year}

{Adding to my TBR list with a trip to Barnes & Noble}

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2022…

The first week of January has come and gone. Wow! It already feels like it’s flying by. I started off the New Year with a quick trip to Disneyland. I wanted to soak up the last bit of Christmas decor before the park transforms into Valentine’s Day. I also got to enjoy the last mickey gingerbread cookie of the holiday season. He was delicious!

For Christmas I got a Nespresso machine, and when I tell you I have an espresso shot (or two) every morning, it’s not a lie. I love making coffee in my new machine. What makes it even better are these super cute espresso mugs that have mickey shaped insides. I also have done some damage at Barnes & Noble with many a gift cards that I received for Christmas.

I have also taken a few moments this week to asses 2021, and look back at everything that has happened– both good and bad. One of the more major moments of last year was my car being stolen. It was definitely a moment in my life that felt like the tipping point. 2020 was really rough, and to start off 2021 with that was honestly harder. In retrospect, I now look at it as something that I overcame even though I didn’t think I would. Now I have a newer car, and while the check engine light has been on for longer than I like to admit, I am so grateful to even have a car.

As we head into 2022, I wish you all nothing but happiness in this new year, and that we all get through another year in this pandemic.




This past week I celebrated my birthday.

Usually, I am not one to do a lot for my birthday, but after last year I decided it was time I started celebrating myself. This year I did all the things that I love, and was not able to do last year.

I went to Disneyland, went to a concert, and treated myself to a Starbucks and a manicure. I also got treated to a birthday brunch to kick-off my birthday week. There were some plans that had to be pushed back for various reasons, so coming up I have a dinner, a haircut, and a birthday cake.

Being at Disneyland was probably the high-point for me because I did everything I would have never done before– I wore a dress, had a crown, asked for a birthday button, and welcomed all the attention. It honestly, was really nice and made my short trip a unique one. I will say, now that I have finally jumped on the birthday train, I now really want to celebrate one at Walt Disney World.

What do you normally do to celebrate your birthday?




Well the day has finally come. My work has reopened after a fifteen months due to the pandemic.

I work at a theatre venue, which meant stricter opening requirements. I honestly didn’t think we were going to reopen yet, but here I am back at work. This honestly happened at an unideal time for me because not only was I in the middle of finals (and graduation), but I no longer have a car. I know that I have not mentioned it much, but back in January my car was stolen. I received no compensation for it, and it’s a long story that I am not going to go fully into at this moment.

I am very fortunate that my manager is being very flexible with my schedule to accommodate my needs (and plans I had previously made). Unfortunately, we are understaffed due to people not returning to work for various reasons and I am working 40 + hours a week.

I am honestly very exhausted every day and it hasn’t been the smoothest transition. There are so many things that have changed because of COVID, it almost seems things change daily, but the biggest change has been me. I have grown a lot during quarantine as a person, and I have really discovered healthy boundaries for myself. Dealing with people who get mad at me for just trying to do my job is something that I no longer take stock in. Things like that use to really weigh heavy on me, but now I honestly can’t be bothered, and I am proud of myself for that.

While going back has not been the best, or easiest, it has really shown me how strong I have become mentally while being in quarantine.



It’s time for another XIO Bag unboxing! I honestly have been so busy (read about it here) that I didn’t ever check to see what was in the bag this month. It literally showed up in the mail one day and I was all “oh yeah! I forgot about this”– HA! It was actually kind of fun to be surprised and I can honestly say that I love everything in my bag this month.

The theme is Coven, which is so fun for Halloween! I have been wearing these pieces non-stop.


  • The Moon Card Necklace $55
  • The Supreme Necklace $55
  • Madison Moon Ring $48
  • Phases Bracelet $43
  • Crescent Ear Crawlers $32


I love everything in my bag this month! Usually there is one or two pieces that don’t speak to me, but not this month. What jewelry pieces have you been loving lately? I would love to know so leave me a comment down below!




I will be honest, I am a newer fan of LoveShackFancy. I never heard about the brand until recently but I instantly fell in love. The only problem: I can’t afford 99% of their clothing. While it is so beautiful it is also very expensive.

When I saw that they were doing a collaboration with Target I was super excited! It sold out super fast but weeks later I was able to snag up two of the dresses from my wishlist. They both have the same pattern but because the styles of the dress are different they give me different vibes and I’m not mad at it!

I love how girly this dress feels and looks! I love playing up the sweet details in this dress with fun accessories like this pearl headband, fun star beaded bracelets, and some canvas loafers. You could also easily make it a little more edgy with some black accessories and gold jewelry!

I also think that this would be such a fun outfit for a zoom wedding or date but I also could see myself wearing this dress for work. It is super comfortable and will definitely be on rotate in my closet for years to come!

Dress (Sold Out) | Star Bracelet | Headband | Lashes

The other dress I got I love just as much! This dress gives me total beach weekend vibes. I love it styled with some natural sandals and a straw hat. This is perfect for breeze days at the beach or a picnic in the park (social distanced of course)!

To be honest when I first tried it on I wasn’t in love with it BUT after playing with the sleeves (I rolled mine in a little to be a little more flattering) and styled it… I loved it!

Dress (Sold Out) | Hat (Old)- Similar Here | Bracelet 1 | Bracelet 2 (No Longer Available) | Bracelet 3 (No Longer Available)

I love the colors and the print of these dresses! Normally I would never buy two pieces in the same print but I just loved it so much. Did you get anything from the LoveShackFancyXTarget collab? I would love to hear what you got and if you loved your pieces!




It has been such a long time since I have treated myself to a Coach bag. The last time I bought one was in 2008! I have been putting my money towards other things and honestly was completely fine with it. I do definitely feel it as a luxury to have one and NOT a necessity. Recently, I took a look at all on my purses (designer and not) and realized that it was time to get rid of a majority of them. My designer bags have a lot of visual and physical wear that just can’t be fixed and my non-designer bags are literally falling apart! It was definitely time to buy a new bag and get rid of the old.

I spent a long time on multiple websites looking at bags, reading comments, and figuring out what the best bag for me would be. At the time, I had two trips coming up (one has been canceled and the other is still up in the air). I decided to go for a crossbody bag that would be comfortable to wear as well as something that could hold all of my essentials. I also wanted something that could go with any outfit!

My love for Coach runs deep. It was one of my very first designer bags I ever bought in high school and to this day it is a brand I return to over and over again. When I saw the Cassie bag I knew instantly it was the perfect bag! I decided to go with white for it’s versatility even though white gets dirty easily I am going to take active measures to keep it clean. I also love the three different strap options. It is so versatile!

With everything going on in the world a lot of stores are closed and Coach was one of them. When the online store reopened I snagged up this bag! I am so excited to have it even though my life is currently on hold and there is no place to take it to, but I can’t wait for quarantine to be over with to show off my new bag!

Have you made any investment purchases during quarantine? I find myself making more than I probably should! I will justify it as making thoughtful investments while I purge out the old (I am purging quite a bit)!