-going for a walk in the beautiful Spring weather and getting fresh air-

-discovering a new coffee drink thanks to TikTok-

-finally investing in some AirPods-

– playing with my room decor and using books as a fun element-

-sprucing up my patio with some new herbs-

I am actively trying to find ways to stay positive (and not completely freak out over what is happening in the world). I have decided to try a Friday’s Five to look back at my week and think about all the wonderful things that have happened throughout my week as well as things that have been keeping me sane.

I am officially just past the two week mark or self-isolation. I have had some pretty rough days; I’m not going to lie. There was one day where I was in the worst mood ever because it felt like nothing was going right and I felt very “caged-in” at home. On the whole though, I have been doing pretty good.

This past week I have really appreciated going for a nice long walk in the beautiful Spring weather. It honestly put me in such a good mood! The fresh air, migrating butterflies everywhere, and all the trees made for the perfect afternoon. It was so nice not being cooped up in my apartment for a little bit and spending some time with my favorite pup. I also have been trying to spruce up my patio because TBH I have let it go this past year and was looking real sad. I bought some herbs from Lowes and Home Depot to plant and hopefully enjoy over the next month of isolation.

On the home front, I have discovered a new fave (quick and easy) coffee recipe courtesy of TikTok! It is a whipped coffee and I am loving it. I also have been tinkering with my bedroom decor. I want to make it my perfect little relaxation haven to retreat to when I can’t (or don’t want) to be in the common spaces of the apartment. I have been loving taking all my books out of storage boxes and implementing them as decor in my room!

I recently made an investment and purchased some AirPods Pro. I didn’t have any headphones (thanks to my wire chewing cat) and it honestly was weighing on me. I have to do video lectures for school and every Sunday I have a virtual game night with friends all over the country. Not having headphones was a struggle because I was annoying everyone that I lived with. Now that I have some I honestly have improved my well-being! I absolutely love them and I love that there are different size earbuds and noise cancelation.

Thank you so much for taking some time to read and I hope you all are finding ways to stay safe during this stressful and scary time. Stay safe out there friends!




It has been a little over a week since I have been at home in quarantine. I started off really strong. I was cleaning everyday, keeping a routine up, and getting some fresh air daily. As day five rolled around, my discipline started to crack. What did I do? I did way too much online shopping. I know it’s not the worst thing to do but it also wasn’t ideal. I eventually justified it as supporting small business I love as well as following through with my tax refund plans I had previously made (but held off on due to COVID-19 craziness). So I thought it would be fun to share with you what I have bought during quarantine!


I bought two tie dye sweatshirts: one from Urban Outfitters and one from Target. While they are similar in color and trend they are different in style. I love them both and I have been wearing them constantly!

I also bought this shirt from Urban Outfitters (on sale)! I have had my eye on this shirt for a while now and decided to get it! I do wish that I had gone up a size to make it a little less snug but I still love it.

I bought this sweater from Lulus for work and travel but I honestly feel it is just a good piece to have for Fall and Winter. It was also on sale and I couldn’t pass it up. The quality is great and I do not regret it at all.

I have had my eye on this dress for a while (from Madison and Mallory) and initially wanted it for work. I did buy it even though I am not currently working because I know that when I do start work again I will wear it. Also if the two trips I had planned by some miracle still happen, I will wear it there as well!


This was an item I planned on buying with part of my tax refund. I currently have no headphones. This honestly was more of a necessity than a splurge. I live with two other people, have extremely loud neighbors upstairs, and have been doing lots of video calling. I needed some noise cancelling earphones STAT! I also got them engraved and they are so pretty!


I bought two cups from For The Love Of Pixie Dust. It is an online store that creates the cutest personalized Disney cups! I ordered a castle cup and a matte tumbler with Bruni (the fire spirit from Frozen II) on it. I was having major Disney withdrawals when I ordered this! They won’t be in my hands for a few weeks but it will be worth the wait. The one pictured above is a previous purchase.

Another Disney withdrawal purchase I made was from World Traveler Trading. In all honesty I actually have been eyeing these for a long time on Etsy and decided to just do it and bought three. One is a present for my mom (her birthday is in May) and the other two are for me! I love small ways of adding Disney into everyday life.

So this is pretty much what I have spent my money on (so far). I bought some other things like contacts, food, batteries but those honestly are like every day things and not what I consider “quarantine shopping” HAHA! Is there anything you’ve bought recently due to being stuck at home? I would love to know! 




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On today’s Wednesdays Wishlist I am sharing with you all the things I have/ want to purchase to make working from home a little easier. I know that I am not working for a job but I am still in school and have virtual classes. I hope that this will help you with setting up for success in whatever you are doing during this quarantine lifestyle! 

AIRPODS | I took the plunge and finally purchased myself some AirPods. I seriously cannot wait to get the bad boys in the mail and I am extra excited for the noise cancelling aspect of the AirPods Pro! I currently have NO headphones whatsoever…#catowner. 

AIRPODS CASE | So i am a huge believer in cases for expensive things. I am not the type of person to make large purchases all the time BUT when I do I want to make sure that they are going to last me a long time (and not break). I think that this case is super cute and I will be buying these asap!

LAPTOP STAND | You guys! Trust me…you need this in your life. I was given one for Christmas and there is no going back! I love this stand so so so much. It not only helps with my posture but it also helps your computer to keep cool. 

MOUSE PAD | This one is pretty self explanatory. I recently discovered that my current mouse pad is thrashed. So I just purchased this one and I am so excited to get it!

CUTE DRINKWARE | I have noticed that I am more prone to drink my water when it comes out of a cute container. I know, it’s strange but it’s a thing! While I’m stuck at home these next few weeks I want to make sure that I am keeping up with my water intake. 

LUMBAR SUPPORT | So I have had my eye on this for some time now. I have back problems and no matter where I am sitting after a certain amount of time I am in pain. I love that this one you can take to work, put in the car, or pretty much attach to any chair! 

ELECTRIC LIGHTER | So I can’t really take credit for this find. I saw this on a YouTube video from Alisha Marie. I instantly bought it and honestly it’s probably one of the best purchase I have made on Amazon EVER! It is rechargeable and the top portion is adjustable: it can be straight or curved. 

LAP DESK | This is a little on the pricy side but honestly I think it is worth the investment especially if you are working in bed a lot. I also love the fact that it’s clear because it won’t conflict with the style of your room.

CHARGING PAD | I also received this for Christmas and I am obsessed with it. I know that this doesn’t work with all phones so make sure you read what it is compatible with before you purchase it. These charging pads make life so much easier! The only thing is if you have a popsocket on your phone you need to take the case off for it to charge. 

What have you been looking at or buying from Amazon lately? I would love to know so leave a comment down below!