I live in Southern California where the weather is always nice…well, mostly. When I am not working my desk job or in class you can usually find me at Disneyland trying to live my best life while drinking massive amounts of coffee!

I have a degree in graphic design and I am currently working on a degree in communication. I graduated from a trade school in 2011 and after two years of working dead-end jobs I was faced with the predicament of not being able to pay my loans. I decided to put myself back in school and start over. Why start over and not go to grad school you may ask? The trade school I went to was under investigation for fraud and the accreditation for my degree didn’t count for anything- anywhere! So I sucked up my pride and started all over. This wasn’t my ideal plan but I knew in the long run it was for the best.

I started this site because I want to share the good and the hard. I have people in my circle, from all walks of life, who have constantly wondered how I mange to deal with everything life has thrown at me and honestly I have no answer for them. I have no idea how I am still able to remain positive (on most days) and carry on. If I can help anyone out there who has struggled and make them feel like they are not alone then I will be a happy girl.

I promise this won’t be a pitty-party blog! I also want to share with you other things that I love such as cooking, reading, Disneyland trips, travel, fashion and more.

I hope you will stick around and enjoy following along with me!