The first half of November is my favorite because it’s when my birthday is! I love getting to spend time with all my friends and family and celebrate another year on this planet. One of the other things I absolutely love is all the birthday freebies and shopping.

I always treat myself to a Sephora order when I get my birthday freebie, and I thought I would share what I bought. I have been so busy lately that I haven’t really had the time to go pick up some things that I am out of or get some things that I have been really wanting to try out. During the past few months, I have really let my skincare fall through the cracks. Starting this month, I am no longer allowing that to happen which means I needed to pick up some skincare items as well.

One thing I have been searching for is a really good conditioner for my hair. I have tried the dae shampoo and conditioner before and I really liked it. After reading several reviews, I decided to pick up this hair mask. It smells so good and I love the thick texture of it.

I have been wanting to try this toner for a while now so I decided to take the plunge and buy it.

I recently was recommended this by a few of my co-workers and decided to pick it up as well.

With the weather starting to cool down, my lips have been so chapped and chapstick doesn’t seem to be helping. I have been a fan of Laneige for a while and decided to pick up this fun holiday set since I know Christmas is just around the corner.

This is another item I have been wanting for a hot minute. I finally decided to get it because I honestly need a quick foundation sometimes, and nothing is easier or more convenient than a powder foundation.

This perfume was 100% a want and not a need. As soon as I saw this on the website I knew I had to have it. It smells so good and I love the name Autumn Vibes.

This was a points redemption item. I have never tried Olaplex but have heard amazing things. Plus with my Dyson I am not putting more heat on my hair than I usually do so I feel like I’m going to need to be proactive with protecting it from damage.

And the reason why I splurged, my free birthday gift! I am so excited that it was a Laneige trio. I am so looking forward to trying out some of their skincare items.

This was a freebie bag of samples with a purchase of $25 or more. I really love the Sephora face masks and the rest of the items looked good so it was an add to cart moment for me.

And last but not least, here are the samples I received with my order. I am super excited about the Fenty Skin trio.

Well that is it, for now, and I hope you have enjoyed this mini Sephora haul. I cannot wait to continue the festivities for my birthday and share with all of you the things I have planned!




I have always been a big fan of Target. As I peruse the beauty isles I always notice a brand called Pacifica Beauty but never really gave thought of trying it until recently. Pacifica Beauty is an all natural brand that has everything from skincare to makeup to supplements. I picked up a few products to try and I can honestly say that I am a fan!


The first thing I purchased were the Bright Eye masks, the Super Green Detox sheet mask, and the Mattify Prep sheet mask. I love the eye masks so much that every time I go to Target I pick up a few just to have on hand. I love putting them in the fridge for a few hours before I use them. It feels so soothing and my skin soaks them up! After trying these out I picked up the Cosmic Vanish pore strips and the Stress Rehab sheet mask.

The other thing that I picked up was the Pore Warrior Booster Serum. I really love using this at night underneath my moisturizer. My skin always looks so good in the morning and I do feel like it does help with my oiliness.


The only makeup item I purchased was the cherry mattifying setting spray. I love the smell of this spray and I think it works really well for a drugstore natural spray. Do I stay shine free all day? No, but I do stay pretty matte for a good amount of time. I am excited to try some other makeup products they have!


I picked up the Ocean Citrus Body Scrub and two hair mists. I love the smell of the body scrub! It is such a good scrub and the scent is very uplifting. I love that it isn’t too harsh on your skin but gets the job done!

The hair mists also double as body mists. I purchased the Moonray Bloom and the Tahitian Gardenia mist because I couldn’t decide on which scent I liked better. I love the smell of both of them and have been using them constantly. I only wash my hair once a week so having a spray to keep it smelling fresh is such a great thing to have! The Moonray Bloom smells very fresh and vanilla-y and the Tahitian Gardenia smells floral but not grandma…more summer vacay in Hawaii.

Have you tried anything from Pacifica? I know that they have been around for a while but it is definitely a new brand to me and I love it! If you have any reccommendations for products to try let me know down below!