As soon as I knew I was going to Oogie Boogie Bash this year, the costume planning begun. I always look forward to picking out a costume every year, and since I’ve gotten older, I have become very into DIY costumes.

I had never dressed as anything from Hocus Pocus before so I decided this was the year to do it! I decided to dress up as Dani in her Halloween costume.

My strategy was to find affordable pieces that I could embellish to make my costume.I purchased the skirt, turtle neck, hat, and orange fringe from Amazon. I bought a mens XL shirt from Target for super cheap because I knew I would be cutting and painting it. The ribbon I purchased at Michaels.

I do want to preface with I have zero sewing skills, so I am sure there are much better versions of this out there, but I really like what I accomplished. I decided to loosely “sew” on the ribbons to the skirt so I could remove them later and just have a black skirt for everyday use.



{A Downtown Disney date night with my boyfriend to start the week}

{Seeing the miniature rice crispy model of Batuu at the Grand}

{Spending the morning at Disneyland on May the 4th and soaking in the vibes of Batuu}

{Getting in some castle views while finally wearing my baby Yoda top}

{Enjoying Star Wars treats for a fun date night watching A New Hope and Rouge One}

I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by. I love when May 4th comes around, but it honestly is SUCH a busy week for me because my mom’s birthday is on the 6th and then this Sunday is Mother’s Day.

I love to squeeze in as much Star Wars things as I can before the festivities switch over to my mom. Last year I was not able to go to Disneyland so I made sure I was there this year. I started off the week with an impromptu date night at Downtown Disney. We had dinner, Salt and Straw, and then headed into the Grand to look at the amazing Batuu display.

Then on Wednesday, My friend and I headed out to Disneyland and soaked in all things Star Wars with a bunch of other people. I honestly felt like everyone was dressed for the occasion and everyone seemed to be in a really good mood. It was such a fun morning with her, and I even got to finally meet with one of my instagram friends which was the cherry on top of it all!

That night, my boyfriend and I watched two Star Wars movies and enjoyed some blue milk with our Grogu cupcakes. It was the perfect way to end the day.




{Getting dressed up for Valentines Day for once}

{having a cozy date night in front of the fire with pizza}

{Celebrating Wendy’s 5th Birthday}

{Getting some new Stoney Clover}

{Enjoying my morning coffee in bed}

This week was all about the love in all aspects. I worked all day on Valentine’s Day but my boyfriend surprised me with coffee, flowers, and my Wendy girl. It was so sweet and very unexpected (he normally is not into Valentine’s Day gestures). I also have been practicing more self care this week in any way I can. Sometimes it’s lighting a candle at night and reading, sometimes it’s doing a full multi-step skincare routine, but mostly it is lounging in bed in the morning to drink my coffee.

We also celebrated Wendy’s 5th birthday this week which is so crazy to me. Like how is she five already?! It still seems like she is two. We started the night before with a cozy date. The three of us had pizza (she just gets the leftover crust) and we watched Disney+ in front of the fire. Then on her actual birthday we got In’N’Out and cupcakes. We obviously watched Peter Pan because that is where her name came from!

I also finally received my Stoney Clover Lane orders from the High Tea Collection and I am obsessed. I can’t wait to customize them.




{Finishing up my Christmas shopping at Lido Marina}

{Drinking boozy peppermint hot chocolate while wrapping presents}

{Getting the best secret Santa present from my co-worker}

{Getting a new purse in time for Christmas}

{Spending Christmas Eve with my boyfriends family}

I am not going to lie; this week has been INTENSE.

With COVID cases on the rise, lots of plans have been pushed back, and I am dealing with some family stuff right now. Regardless of all the hard things happening, I am trying my best to focus on all the good and the blessings in my life. I find that one of the best ways to feel better about things not in my control is to do something nice for others.

I started my week with finishing up my Christmas shopping, and I was fortunate enough to go to Lido Marina in Newport Beach for a very special present for one of my friends. I also combined wrapping presents with some self care by putting on one of my favorite Christmas movies and drinking some spiked hot chocolate.

At work we did Secret Santa this year and I received the most thoughtful and perfect gift from my co-worker! I literally was so impressed by everything she got me and I can’t wait to use everything.

A week or so ago I did a little shopping for myself and bought this super cute sherpa purse from Target. I really don’t have very many purses for everyday use so I thought I would get a fun inexpensive one that I wouldn’t mind getting messed up. I think this one will be great all winter long.

I went into Christmas celebrating with my boyfriends family before my family’s celebration on Christmas Day. It was nice getting dressed up and going to a holiday party. I love the outfit I put together and it definitely put me in the Christmas spirit.

Before I sign off for the holidays, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy holiday season. Christmas can be both the most magical and the most hard time of year. I personally am feeling both. So for all you out there who are struggling, I just wanted to say that it’s okay to be not okay during the holidays and know that you are not alone. We all go through phases in life where the days are hard to get through. My heart is with all of you.




The holiday season at Disneyland and California Adventure is one of my favorite times of year. I love all the decorations, food, and all the feels I get when I walk through the parks.

One thing that is the best, especially for foodies, is the Festival of Holidays in DCA. I love hoping around to all the different carts trying all the food and drinks. I was super excited when I saw they brought back my favorite macaroon– the hot cocoa macaroon. If you plan on eating a bunch of items, I would suggest buying the sip-and-savor pass they offer.

I didn’t realize how much I need to be at Disney during the holidays until the last time I went. My boyfriend and I went for a few hours at night to see the fireworks, and get on as many rides as possible. To be able to stand on Main Street under the snap after the holiday firework show…let’s just say some tears were shed.

With the parks being closed last year and with my family (including myself) having COVID I didn’t get the usual Christmas magic I am use to. Being able to go this year did more for my heart and mental health than I can tell you. I can’t wait to go back in January to get in a little bit more magic before they take down all the decorations.



I love when Trader Joe’s brings out all the holiday items. There is nothing more fun than exploring the isles and finding some holiday favorites to add to my cart. I wanted to share with you which items I pick up every year around the holidays.


These are my favorite hot chocolate things EVER! You warm up some milk and just stir until they dissolve. The best part is that they are real chocolate and not a powder. So good, especially if you like rich and creamy cocoa. I usually keep these at work for cold winter days.


These are a great option for all of my fellow gluten free people who always miss out on the fun holiday flavors that Oreo always come out with during the holiday season.


These little bites of heaven came out a few years ago, but they were SO hard to get my hands on them. I didn’t actually get to try them until this year. All I can say is I am obsessed with them, and if you see them don’t even think twice– just put them in your cart.


These are a staple I keep at work during this time of year. They are so delicious and I really like they are not too pepperminty.


How cute are these lil guys?! I mean need I say more? These are the perfect addition to hot chocolate or coffee during the Christmas season.


These are an easy and fun way to shake up breakfast. They taste so good and I personally love them with a little bit of pepper and ketchup on top.


Tis the season for many, many charcuterie boards– at least in my life! I love the holiday cheese that is available at TJ’s during the month of December. My personal favorites are the stilton with fruit, lemon ricotta, and the cinnamon cheese. I recently picked up this fondue cheese blend and it is so good and easy!


I try to limit my dairy and this honestly is my favorite whipped cream. It is so creamy and light with a hint of coconut flavor.


These little marshmallows are the perfect topping to hot cocoa or ice cream. I love that the peppermint flavor isn’t too strong and the size is perfect.

What do you usually get during this time of year at Trader Joes? I would love to know so I can try it out for myself. Happy shopping!




{Receiving my Birthday cake and eating cake for breakfast everyday}

{Finding this cute blue sherpa tote bag and using it for work}

{Receiving some holiday happy mail}

{Going to Disneyland to start the holidays off}

{FINALLY finding my favorite cold brew and stocking up}

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I honestly can’t believe that the year is almost over and we are heading full steam into the holiday season. I’m honestly so excited for next month and to be able to soak up all the magic the season brings.

This week has been kind of crazy for me. I started off the week celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday. I also FINALLY got my birthday cake, and I have been enjoying a slice a day (usually for breakfast…don’t judge haha). I treated myself to a new work tote bag that is perfect for winter. I have also been getting lots of holiday happy mail this week and it really makes me want to start doing all the Christmas things! I got to spend Thanksgiving at Disneyland with my parents, and later on in the day I spent some time with my boyfriend and his family. It was such a nice day and I very much enjoyed every second of it.




Halooweentime at Disneyland is one of my favorite times to be in the park. Last year, due to the closure, I really missed walking down Main Street looking at all the pumpkins, and seeing all the colors of the fall season.

This year has been much busier than last, and I haven’t been able to go as many times as I would like. I went once in the morning and at night for a few hours to soak up some Halloween magic. I also went during the day for a much longer period of time. It was insanely busy all three times I went. Since I now have a Magic Key I feel so much less pressured to do everything, which TBH has been so freeing.

Much is the same in the park as far as the decorations, but nothing will replace the feeling of seeing the giant Mickey pumpkin on Main Street. It elicits so much joy and fun no matter how many times you have seen it before.

I am so excited to be going back for my birthday in about two weeks and then again for the holiday season! What is your favorite time of year in the parks?




I can’t believe Valentines day is already here. It is one of my favorite holidays because who doesn’t love to celebrate love? Obviously things are very different this year, but I also think it’s a great opportunity to take a step back, and celebrate the way you want to without too much pressure. My boyfriend and I saw this as an opportunity to have a chill Vday with a delicious charcuterie board, and a whole lot of Netflix.

The best part about charcuterie boards is you can literally put anything on them and it looks amazing! We opted for mostly cheese and two meats with a small selection of crackers. We also popped some champagne and bought flowers to feel festive.

{ charcuterie board | sweater | jeans | glasses | Fitbit band | headband | bracelet }

My boyfriend and I had a fun trip to Trader Joe’s where we spent far too much time standing in front of the the cheese selection. We usually don’t get the chance to see each other on Valentine’s Day, but this year we are making up for lost time by celebrating two days in a row. How are you planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day? I hope whatever you have planned, that you are able to enjoy delicious food and good company (even if it’s virtual).