{Starting of the New Year with a quick trip to Disneyland}

{Getting in the last mickey gingerbread cookie until December}

{Enjoying my new Nespresso machine with shots of espresso in these cute cups}

{Feeling grateful for my vehicle after my last car was stolen this time last year}

{Adding to my TBR list with a trip to Barnes & Noble}

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2022…

The first week of January has come and gone. Wow! It already feels like it’s flying by. I started off the New Year with a quick trip to Disneyland. I wanted to soak up the last bit of Christmas decor before the park transforms into Valentine’s Day. I also got to enjoy the last mickey gingerbread cookie of the holiday season. He was delicious!

For Christmas I got a Nespresso machine, and when I tell you I have an espresso shot (or two) every morning, it’s not a lie. I love making coffee in my new machine. What makes it even better are these super cute espresso mugs that have mickey shaped insides. I also have done some damage at Barnes & Noble with many a gift cards that I received for Christmas.

I have also taken a few moments this week to asses 2021, and look back at everything that has happened– both good and bad. One of the more major moments of last year was my car being stolen. It was definitely a moment in my life that felt like the tipping point. 2020 was really rough, and to start off 2021 with that was honestly harder. In retrospect, I now look at it as something that I overcame even though I didn’t think I would. Now I have a newer car, and while the check engine light has been on for longer than I like to admit, I am so grateful to even have a car.

As we head into 2022, I wish you all nothing but happiness in this new year, and that we all get through another year in this pandemic.




{Finishing up my Christmas shopping at Lido Marina}

{Drinking boozy peppermint hot chocolate while wrapping presents}

{Getting the best secret Santa present from my co-worker}

{Getting a new purse in time for Christmas}

{Spending Christmas Eve with my boyfriends family}

I am not going to lie; this week has been INTENSE.

With COVID cases on the rise, lots of plans have been pushed back, and I am dealing with some family stuff right now. Regardless of all the hard things happening, I am trying my best to focus on all the good and the blessings in my life. I find that one of the best ways to feel better about things not in my control is to do something nice for others.

I started my week with finishing up my Christmas shopping, and I was fortunate enough to go to Lido Marina in Newport Beach for a very special present for one of my friends. I also combined wrapping presents with some self care by putting on one of my favorite Christmas movies and drinking some spiked hot chocolate.

At work we did Secret Santa this year and I received the most thoughtful and perfect gift from my co-worker! I literally was so impressed by everything she got me and I can’t wait to use everything.

A week or so ago I did a little shopping for myself and bought this super cute sherpa purse from Target. I really don’t have very many purses for everyday use so I thought I would get a fun inexpensive one that I wouldn’t mind getting messed up. I think this one will be great all winter long.

I went into Christmas celebrating with my boyfriends family before my family’s celebration on Christmas Day. It was nice getting dressed up and going to a holiday party. I love the outfit I put together and it definitely put me in the Christmas spirit.

Before I sign off for the holidays, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy holiday season. Christmas can be both the most magical and the most hard time of year. I personally am feeling both. So for all you out there who are struggling, I just wanted to say that it’s okay to be not okay during the holidays and know that you are not alone. We all go through phases in life where the days are hard to get through. My heart is with all of you.




{Receiving my Birthday cake and eating cake for breakfast everyday}

{Finding this cute blue sherpa tote bag and using it for work}

{Receiving some holiday happy mail}

{Going to Disneyland to start the holidays off}

{FINALLY finding my favorite cold brew and stocking up}

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I honestly can’t believe that the year is almost over and we are heading full steam into the holiday season. I’m honestly so excited for next month and to be able to soak up all the magic the season brings.

This week has been kind of crazy for me. I started off the week celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday. I also FINALLY got my birthday cake, and I have been enjoying a slice a day (usually for breakfast…don’t judge haha). I treated myself to a new work tote bag that is perfect for winter. I have also been getting lots of holiday happy mail this week and it really makes me want to start doing all the Christmas things! I got to spend Thanksgiving at Disneyland with my parents, and later on in the day I spent some time with my boyfriend and his family. It was such a nice day and I very much enjoyed every second of it.




{Seeing Nightmare Before Christmas Live with Danny Elfman}

{Getting Halloween Crumbl cookies on a cold rainy day}

{Pumpkin carving date night}

{Enjoying fall coffee and my Halloween balloon from my last Disneyland trip}

{Getting a Dyson Airwrap for half off in the limited edition coloring}

Happy Halloween everyone!

This past week I have been soaking up all the Halloween fun as October comes to an end. I got to go to one of my favorite cookie places called Crumbl and enjoy their Halloween menu. The Monster cookie and the Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll cookie were my favorites!

I also have bought way too much coffee this week and shamelessly have been enjoying it with my Disneyland Halloween balloon in the mornings. I also had a very fun pumpkin carving date with my boyfriend. I decided to carve Oogie Boogie from the Nightmare before Christmas in honor of us seeing it live in Los Angeles.

We had tickets to see Danny Elfman and Billie Eilish perform Nightmare and it was so much fun! I honestly hated the Banc of California Stadium. The parking situation was horrendous and we ended up missing half the show.

I am very sad to see one of my favorite months come and go so quickly, but I am super excited to enter into my birthday month. With that being said, I treated myself to a very early birthday present and invested in a Dyson Airwrap. I loved the holiday limited edition color so much that I knew I had to have it.



{Spending some quality time with my niece and reading poolside}

{Using my Stoney Clover Lane tote bag for the first time}

{Drinking out of this coconut while packing to come home}

{My first order from the Common Room- how gorgeous is this packaging?!}

{Perfecting an at-home pumpkin cream cold brew}

I started off my week with four days in Vegas babysitting my niece. We spent most our time sleeping in, drinking coffee and reading books– it was great! It also was the very first time I got to use this gorgeous Stoney Clover Lane tote bag which holds way more than I expected it to. Some highlights from my trip include drinking a Pina colada by the pool and drinking a stamped coconut while packing to go home. It felt like the official end to summer.

When I came home there was a lot of happy mail waiting for me! I got my first order from The Common Room. I have definitely been getting into the fall swing-of-things lately, especially when it comes to clothes and fun accessories. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t started decorating yet. Speaking of Fall things, I also perfected the pumpkin cream cold brew at home and could not be more excited.

I hope you lovelies have had a good week; it was definitely hard going back to work after a few days off. I am so excited for all the fun things coming up and for my favorite time of year. What is your favorite time of year?




First of all, I can’t believe I am done with school. I have officially graduated, and honestly I never I thought I would. To clarify- I knew I would graduate, but I never thought I would go through another graduation ceremony. Back in 2019, I had made up my mind that I was not going to go through all the graduation things again. I had done it once, and honestly felt like I didn’t deserve to do it again and/or it wasn’t as special.

The pandemic changed everything.

At the start of 2020, I was still firm on not going to graduation. My best friend from school, and my boyfriend, were trying to convince me to do it but, I was being very stubborn. When everything with COVID hit and we went into lockdown, my mind started to change. Seeing everyone who had worked so hard not be able to do it was heartbreaking. They had no choice in the matter, and I honestly was emotional over it. So many seniors in high school and college were cheated out of their moments to celebrate.

I then started to think about myself, and how hard I had worked for this degree. This journey was not an easy one for me. I had essentially put my life on hold to go back to school, and worked full time to pay for classes. I deserved to celebrate that. Even though this was my second degree, this one meant more to me because of what I went through to get it. So I decided to attend graduation, but the only catch was that it might not happen because of the pandemic.

I am happy to report that I was very fortunate, and my school was given the green light to have a drive-in commencement.

We were able to bring however many fit in our car, and we were able to walk across a stage to our names being called. We were given special masks when we checked in, and of course had to remain socially distanced throughout the ceremony. It honestly was pretty nice, and I really liked how my school did everything given the circumstances.

This ceremony was definitely a very unique one, and one for the history books. I am incredibly proud of everything that has led to this moment in time. Even though this was not the ceremony I thought I would have, I wouldn’t change the experience for anything. There was so much love and happiness that day. Strangers honked and congratulated me from the streets, and at the ceremony everyone who saw me was so excited that I was graduating along side their loved one. It was truly very touching.

To all those who graduated this year, or last, congrats! Not even a pandemic could stop us!



{Starbucks but make it Star Wars}

{This cute little setup I made onto of our TV unit.}

{Having some fun Star Wars accessories on.}

{Getting my hair colored for graduation}

{Getting a delicious boba named after a Star Wars aircraft.}

Bright Suns! (IYKYK)

I am such a fan of Star Wars…and if it isn’t obvious, May 4th! This week every year is so crazy for me because I have May 4th, Cinco de Mayo, and my mom’s birthday all back-to-back. To say that I fully celebrate all three to the best I can every year would be an understatement. I had such a fun, and crazy busy, week.

On May 4th, I got my hair colored for the first time since 2019, so it is nice a fresh for graduation. I also celebrated May 4th with a Starbucks, a Thai fighter boba, Mediterranean food, and watching a mini Star Wars marathon. It was such a fun day where I got to put the stress of finals and graduation behind me (for the moment). I also had plenty of snacks that were Star Wars themed. I wish that I was able to be at Disneyland on the 4th but those tickets went faster than lightspeed the day tickets went on sale. I went all out with my favorite Star Wars shirt, a cute droid pop socket, and a super cute porg keychain.

Did you do anything fun for May 4th or in general during the week? I would love to hear about it, so leave me a comment down below.




{Getting my first haircut in well over a year}

{Starting my 2021 garden, and finally planting some carrots}

{Doing the egg hunt at Downtown Disney}

{Spending lots of time with my favorite pup}

{Getting my first COVID vaccine}

Last week was my spring break, and I did the MOST to not waste a single second of my time. Not only did this break come right as I was feeling burned out with school and quarantine life, but it’s also my last spring break ever. As May and graduation quickly approaches, I have been soaking in every second of my student life. I recently came across a quote – “I will never have this version of me again. Let me slow down and be with her.” This quote is exactly how I feel right now, and has inspired me to enjoy every day because soon my life will be very different.

I started off my break at the beach with my boyfriend and the pup eating good food and taking in the sunshine. I also needed to get some pictures taken for my portfolio website so I have it ready to go when I start applying for jobs. Full dress details are in this post.

I also got my hair cut at the start of the week in well over a year. I cannot express how much my hair and my soul needed this. There is just something about going to the salon and coming out feeling like the main character that just can’t be beat. I’m so excited to be going back before graduation to get it colored.

Every spring I like to freshen up my patio, and add a few new additions. I have been wanting to plant carrots for years, and never got around to it. I finally pulled the trigger this year, and I can’t wait to see how they grow. I also added some herbs and a tomato plant. I’m hoping to add a few more, but I need some free time to go shopping which lately has been in short supply.

Probably one of the most exciting things I did was the Easter egg hunt at Downtown Disney. This egg hunt has been a family tradition for the past six-ish years (or however long the hunt has been going on for). Last year I was devastated with the parks being closed because we would spend every Easter Sunday hunting for eggs. I was THRILLED that I was able to do it this year.

At the end of the week I got my first COVID vaccine. I am so happy I did, even though I was sick the next day (talking 102.7 temperature). It was totally worth it, and I can’t wait to be fully vaccinated by the end of the month.

My Easter was very casual and low-key. I pretty much relaxed all day, ate lots of food, and played Animal Crossing. It was perfect!



{Trying the new Starbucks drink that I am now addicted to}

{Discovering some new makeup products I am in love with}

{Some new sunnies for when the weather warms up}

{Jumping on the Nuimo bandwagon and loving it}

{Finding super cute Star Wars cupcakes, and having a movie marathon}

I’m not going to lie, January and February were ROUGH for me. Now that it’s March, I have been focusing a lot on myself because, well, I deserve it! I have been doing a good amount of self care everyday, and I am learning that it is okay to not be as motivated, as productive, or as scheduled as I normally am. This past week I have stepped away from my normal routines, and allowed myself to not feel guilty about it.

I have found that my preferred self care is treating myself to some things that bring me joy. I started off the week by trying the new Starbucks shaken brown sugar oat milk espresso drink, and instantly became addicted to it. I have had it almost every day #sorrynotsorry. I think that if you are an espresso lover you will absolutely love this drink, but if you aren’t big on coffee flavor, you will probably hate it.

I’ve done a few mini shopping sprees at Sephora lately too. I have been wanting to update my makeup routine, and have been in the mood to try new brands. I picked up some Charolette Tilburry, Rare Beauty, Farmacy and Laneige. So far I am loving every thing I bought, especially the Laneige lip balm and the Charlotte Tilbury foundation. I also added some drugstore products to my line-up and they are amazing.

I bought some cute affordable sunglasses for Amazon. I really wanted a fun accessory to spruce up my outfits, and these definitely add some flair I have been missing. I get so many compliments on the heart glasses and the round wire glasses every time I wear them.

I have been leaning hard into my Disney feels this week and I have been blessed with so much Disney news that it makes it worse– HA! For those of you wondering, yes I have tickets to “A Touch of Disney”, and yes I will be purchasing tickets for when the parks open. Until then, I have been loving my little Nuimos in my room (and these super cute accessories for Minnie). I also have been enjoying watching Star Wars with my boyfriend while enjoying these super cute treats from a local bakery.

I hope that if you are having a hard time right now, you are able to take a step back and just focus on you. Everyone has struggles, and just because yours might not be earth shattering, it doesn’t mean that they are any less important. Take care of yourselves no matter what that looks like to you and be unapologetic about it.

Sending nothing but good vibes your way!




{Getting around to enjoying time with my new friend Victor}

{Finding the best chips & homemade dip combo}

{Enjoying some seasonal flavors from Salt & Straw at Downtown Disney}

{Getting a RingFit & getting back in the swing of working out}

{A few new bracelets to add to my collection}

I can’t believe October is almost over. I feel it has been both slow and fast! Now that Halloween is about a week away I am in fully spooky mode. I am trying my best to soak it all in but TBH it is getting harder with things picking up with school.

I am loving all my pumpkins in my patio (I’ve added more since this picture…sorry not sorry) and spending time with my new friend Victor! We get along smashingly. I also recently went to Downtown Disney and did a little shopping, but most importantly got some Salt & Straw! I have been craving some for two months now and have been stopping myself from buying pints online (talk about pricey).

I recently discovered my favorite chips! They are the dark russet chips from Trader Joe’s. While they are delicious on their own, I felt they needed some dip. I have been trying to eat less processed foods and decided to try making French onion dip from scratch. I can honestly say that I will never buy remade dip ever again!

I also may have treated myself to some new Park & Beach bracelets. Some really cute limited edition sets came out for Halloween and I fell in love with the Pumpkin Spice set! The stars are in peach, so I needed another bracelet with peach to maximize my options.

Story time– I accidentally bought a Ring Fit Adventure game for my Switch. How, you may ask? Well, earlier this week I was doing some late night online shopping. I like to add things to my cart but then not really check out for a few days while I take things out of my cart. Anyway, I had put one in my cart (along with a skirt) when my left wrist went into a horrible spasm. The pain was so intense that when it happened I slammed my right hand on my laptop. I just happened to be in the “checkout” screen (again with no intentions of following through with it. I have a touchpad on my computer and when my hand went on my laptop, it checked me out. So– I have one and I actually really like it! I am trying to get back in shape, and in my jeans, and I think this will be a fun way to get in a quick workout.

What have you been loving lately?