As soon as I knew I was going to Oogie Boogie Bash this year, the costume planning begun. I always look forward to picking out a costume every year, and since I’ve gotten older, I have become very into DIY costumes.

I had never dressed as anything from Hocus Pocus before so I decided this was the year to do it! I decided to dress up as Dani in her Halloween costume.

My strategy was to find affordable pieces that I could embellish to make my costume.I purchased the skirt, turtle neck, hat, and orange fringe from Amazon. I bought a mens XL shirt from Target for super cheap because I knew I would be cutting and painting it. The ribbon I purchased at Michaels.

I do want to preface with I have zero sewing skills, so I am sure there are much better versions of this out there, but I really like what I accomplished. I decided to loosely “sew” on the ribbons to the skirt so I could remove them later and just have a black skirt for everyday use.

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