{Getting dressed up for Valentines Day for once}

{having a cozy date night in front of the fire with pizza}

{Celebrating Wendy’s 5th Birthday}

{Getting some new Stoney Clover}

{Enjoying my morning coffee in bed}

This week was all about the love in all aspects. I worked all day on Valentine’s Day but my boyfriend surprised me with coffee, flowers, and my Wendy girl. It was so sweet and very unexpected (he normally is not into Valentine’s Day gestures). I also have been practicing more self care this week in any way I can. Sometimes it’s lighting a candle at night and reading, sometimes it’s doing a full multi-step skincare routine, but mostly it is lounging in bed in the morning to drink my coffee.

We also celebrated Wendy’s 5th birthday this week which is so crazy to me. Like how is she five already?! It still seems like she is two. We started the night before with a cozy date. The three of us had pizza (she just gets the leftover crust) and we watched Disney+ in front of the fire. Then on her actual birthday we got In’N’Out and cupcakes. We obviously watched Peter Pan because that is where her name came from!

I also finally received my Stoney Clover Lane orders from the High Tea Collection and I am obsessed. I can’t wait to customize them.


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