The holiday season at Disneyland and California Adventure is one of my favorite times of year. I love all the decorations, food, and all the feels I get when I walk through the parks.

One thing that is the best, especially for foodies, is the Festival of Holidays in DCA. I love hoping around to all the different carts trying all the food and drinks. I was super excited when I saw they brought back my favorite macaroon– the hot cocoa macaroon. If you plan on eating a bunch of items, I would suggest buying the sip-and-savor pass they offer.

I didn’t realize how much I need to be at Disney during the holidays until the last time I went. My boyfriend and I went for a few hours at night to see the fireworks, and get on as many rides as possible. To be able to stand on Main Street under the snap after the holiday firework show…let’s just say some tears were shed.

With the parks being closed last year and with my family (including myself) having COVID I didn’t get the usual Christmas magic I am use to. Being able to go this year did more for my heart and mental health than I can tell you. I can’t wait to go back in January to get in a little bit more magic before they take down all the decorations.


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