{Receiving my Birthday cake and eating cake for breakfast everyday}

{Finding this cute blue sherpa tote bag and using it for work}

{Receiving some holiday happy mail}

{Going to Disneyland to start the holidays off}

{FINALLY finding my favorite cold brew and stocking up}

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I honestly can’t believe that the year is almost over and we are heading full steam into the holiday season. I’m honestly so excited for next month and to be able to soak up all the magic the season brings.

This week has been kind of crazy for me. I started off the week celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday. I also FINALLY got my birthday cake, and I have been enjoying a slice a day (usually for breakfast…don’t judge haha). I treated myself to a new work tote bag that is perfect for winter. I have also been getting lots of holiday happy mail this week and it really makes me want to start doing all the Christmas things! I got to spend Thanksgiving at Disneyland with my parents, and later on in the day I spent some time with my boyfriend and his family. It was such a nice day and I very much enjoyed every second of it.


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