Well the day has finally come. My work has reopened after a fifteen months due to the pandemic.

I work at a theatre venue, which meant stricter opening requirements. I honestly didn’t think we were going to reopen yet, but here I am back at work. This honestly happened at an unideal time for me because not only was I in the middle of finals (and graduation), but I no longer have a car. I know that I have not mentioned it much, but back in January my car was stolen. I received no compensation for it, and it’s a long story that I am not going to go fully into at this moment.

I am very fortunate that my manager is being very flexible with my schedule to accommodate my needs (and plans I had previously made). Unfortunately, we are understaffed due to people not returning to work for various reasons and I am working 40 + hours a week.

I am honestly very exhausted every day and it hasn’t been the smoothest transition. There are so many things that have changed because of COVID, it almost seems things change daily, but the biggest change has been me. I have grown a lot during quarantine as a person, and I have really discovered healthy boundaries for myself. Dealing with people who get mad at me for just trying to do my job is something that I no longer take stock in. Things like that use to really weigh heavy on me, but now I honestly can’t be bothered, and I am proud of myself for that.

While going back has not been the best, or easiest, it has really shown me how strong I have become mentally while being in quarantine.

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