To say that this was everything I needed and not what I expected would be an understatement. Being back was magical and amazing– everything my soul needed after these 15 months in lockdown. BUT, it was not at all what I had thought I had paid for.

I spent a lot of money on tickets (as everyone who bought tickets did). I was initially okay with this because I was under the impression that the capacity would be around 35%. It was not. Capacity was at 50% – 75% and it was heartbreaking for me. We were not able to do all the rides we wanted to do because every line was super long. Mid-way through the day I was feeling very disappointed, and slightly defeated. It also was unseasonably cold for June (we are talking a high of 66 and drizzling). I was miserable.

I did end up turning my mood around, and honestly just accepted the circumstances because there was nothing I could do to change them.

On the the good things…

We did a decent amount of rides and ate a decent amount of food. I had two churros which made me very happy. I started my day off with the tea cups and it honestly made me emotional sitting in my blue cup struggling to spin it. There were lots of character sightings including my absolute favorite, Stitch (who said he loved my ears). We also were able to secure a pass for Rise of the Resistance, and it was an amazing ride.

I spent a lot of time sitting and soaking in the sights and the sounds of my home away from home. It felt so good to be back and I can’t wait to go again.

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