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I was fortunate enough to get tickets to A Touch of Disney. For those of you who don’t know, it is essentially the food and wine fest, but with food and drinks from around the Disneyland Resort. I spent a beautiful spring day walking around California Adventure eating food, and taking in all of the sights.

This day was honestly everything I needed in terms of Disney magic. The day we went, they were testing out all the rides for opening, and it felt so normal. There were moments I almost forgot the state of the world, and it was so refreshing. There were also several characters around (socially distanced) that made it so fun to just walk around the park because you never knew who you were going to find next!

The food items I loved the most were the Mickey berry waffles (I had 2), the papas street tacos, the lemon dole swirl cone, and the fluffed nutter churro. I also really enjoyed the frozen coke with jack. It was really refreshing after walking around in the sun for most of the day.

Being back in California Adventure definitely hyped me up for the parks re-opening at the end of the month. I honestly can’t wait to go back.

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