{Making mulled wine over a fire, and watching Muppets Christmas Carol}

{Baking cookies in matching jammies}

{Having a Nutcracker date night complete with charcuterie}

{Christmas dinner with my immediate family}

{Spending loads of time with this precious girl)

This week has been a great week. It literally was a condensed version of December, but in one week. My boyfriend and I have spent every day doing the Christmas things we had planned to do in December before Christmas (pre-COVID). We have a handful of Christmas traditions that we have done since we started dating, but since Christmas was delayed I wanted to amp things up a bit to make them feel more special.

We had our annual Muppets Christmas Carol movie night, but this year we watched it outside on a projector, made mulled wine and had a fire pit. It was the best way to kick things off, and now there is no watching it any other way! I always watch the Nutcracker ballet during December. This year I decided to include my beau, and got him to agree with the promise of champagne and charcuterie. He isn’t much of a ballet person, but I think I changed his mind this year.

Towards the end of the week we had our version of Christmas Eve on Wednesday. We celebrated by wearing matching pjs, making waffles, baking Christmas cookies and watching the Grinch (another movie tradition). It was a good day well spent, and it really made it feel like it was Christmas even though we are almost through December. On Thursday we had our Christmas dinner followed by presents. My household had not opened a single present until we had our “official Christmas day”.

I think one of my favorite things has been spending so much time with Wendy. I was not able to see her all of December as well as a good part of January. We’ve spent a lot of time this week playing, snuggling and there have been lots of treats.

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