It still seems so surreal to be typing this– I had COVID-19.

In this post I talked about how I was exposed to COVID. I stayed in isolation for 10 days, but I caught it from an unexpected source. At the beginning of my isolation, I asked my parents to do a small grocery shop for me so I could live out of my room. A few days after they dropped off my stuff, I noticed that they were staying home from work. I called to ask why and was met with “we are just tired.” I trusted that it was just them working too hard, but I really shouldn’t have. They stayed home for days, and I noticed them starting to cough, sleep all the time and not eating very much. I instantly became worried. I urged them both to go get tested.

At the end of my 10 day isolation I developed a sore throat. I got tested the next day, and a day later I received a positive result. My anxiety went through the roof to the point that I was feeling more unwell from the anxiety than the COVID. I did two things– ask my boyfriend to do a Target run for me and tell my parents they had to go get tested.

Both of my parents were positive for COVID, and I contracted it from them. The week of Christmas my dad was admitted to the hospital for Pneumonia and COVID. It was a hard week, but we were relieved that there was room for him, and he was getting the care he needed. My mom and I recovered at home.

I was extremely lucky that my symptoms were very mild. I only experienced loss of taste and smell, along with fatigue. My dad is still in the recovery phase for his Pneumonia, and was not so lucky with what he experienced.

As I write this I am fully recovered.

I had a large lack of posts in November and December– this is why. Now that we are in a new year, I am going to be more active on here. I still plan on doing a Christmas post even though it is late. I am choosing to do this because I started this blog to tell my story (and for travel, but that never happened). My Christmas got postponed because of COVID, but I have every intention of still celebrating and sharing with you all.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season, and I can’t wait to celebrate!


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