I know it is October and that this is the September XIO Bag. If you haven’t read my latest post(read here)– life has become very crazy for me lately. So let’s just for a moment pretend it’s still September, HA! The theme for the September bag is Encantadora. I really loved most of the pieces in the bag but secretly wished for a more “fall themed” bag.


-Oshun Hoops $62.00

-Seducida Ring $48.00

-Encantada Bracelet $43.00

-Captiuada Ear Cuffs $32.00

-Enamorada Anklet $48.00

TOTAL VALUE: $233.00

I did want to give a shout out to the XIO Customer Service people! One of my hoops came without the backing and they were kind enough to send me, not one, but four backings. This was above and beyond! I really appreciate them being so quick and responsive.

My favorite pieces from this bag were the hoops, anklet, bracelet, and the ring. I love the chain look and I have already been wearing the hoops and bracelet constantly. I am not a huge fan of ear cuffs, only because they tend to not stay where I place them on my ears. I think they are really pretty and I will give them a chance, but I don’t have high hopes for them.

Are you receiving any jewelry subscriptions? As the year is coming to an end I am thinking about if I should continue or cancel my subscription. What are your thoughts? I would love to know so leave a comment down below! Also stay tuned for this months bag.


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