I can’t believe it’s time for another XIO unboxing! I swear time is moving so much faster but honestly I am so excited for Fall and so excited for my first Fall XIO bag. There was another change in the packaging this month and I actually really like it. The XIO bag now comes in an actual bag! I really love it and I love the padded envelope it comes in as well.

The them for this month is Lady Venus. I think the theme is so fun for the final month of Summer and even though I am not a huge fan of pearls I really like a lot of the pieces!


  • Vanity Necklace $50
  • Aphroditie Hoops $48
  • Venus Ring $48
  • Belle Bangle $45
  • J’adore Studs $42


So there are only two pieces that I am not a huge fan of which are the Venus Ring and the J’adore Studs. The ring is just not my style and the studs are okay but I would have preferred something with a larger pearl. The thing that I love about this subscription is that the pieces I don’t like make great gifts for my friends and family!

I absolutely love the hoops and the bangle. I have been wearing them non-stop! I also really love the necklace. It is so beautiful and I think it would be great to layer with other pieces!

What do you think of this months bag? Let me know in the comments down below! Also if you want to subscribe you can click the link down below to get $10 off your first bag!

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