I can’y believe that a year ago I threw my bestie a Harry Potter themed bachelorette party in San Francisco! The more and more I am in quarantine the more grateful and blessed I feel that she got married last year. I was her Maid of Honor and I helped her with everything even planning the wedding. I was flying up and down the state (she lives up north) and I was so excited to not only do this with her but for all the things I got to attend. I was heavily involved with her bridal shower, dress finding, and well all the things that came with the MOH title and I was living for it!

Since I haven’t been able to travel at all this year because of COVID I find myself reminiscing about all the fun things I did last year and this by far was one of my favorites. I thought it would be fun to take you along on my trip down memory lane.

I left on a Thursday night after work and honestly was extremely tired. I had stayed up all night the night before trying to fit everything in one suitcase that wasn’t over weight to check under with the added bonus of trying my best to make sure nothing broke! We were also having a horrible heat wave which never helps anything. I remember getting to the airport and seeing this sunset. It made me stop and enjoy the moment and it was the perfect start to the weekend.

I took on the bachelorette all by myself with minimal help from the three other bridesmaids. This was something I really wanted to do for everyone. This meant that the financial responsibility was all mine. After lots of time looking on Pinterest, YouTube, blogs, Etsy, and Amazon I decided that I could easily DIY things that cost a lot of money online. Everything else I couldn’t make I waited for sales. I made the invitations, games, and signs/stickers from scratch and printed them at work!

I made all of the decorations myself with supplies from Michaels, Target, and the Dollar Tree. I also utilized things I had around the house to keep the costs down. What I really wanted to put my money on was the tote bags and money for the weekend.

Here are the totes I put together. I really wanted to do a theme that I knew the bride would love but at the same time not be too themed. So I tried my best to have a good balance. I did this by using non-themed colors, subtle nods to Harry Potter, and typical bachelorette things like mini champagne bottles, candy, and a hangover kit! I especially loved the personalized cold cups I got for everyone. It was so helpful that weekend because we knew who’s cup was who’s.

As for the festivities I didn’t take very many pictures because I really wanted to be present and enjoy the moment. We started on Friday evening with a taco night with margaritas at the bride’s house. All the girls got to know each other and we basically just had a fun girls night. The next morning we did brunch followed by games. We then drove into the city and checked into our AirBNB where we got ready for dinner. I ad many conversations with the bride about what she wanted and her expectations for the night out. I felt it was super important to make sure I was doing what she wanted and not what I thought she wanted. I ended up not telling her the plan at all because she wanted to be surprised and that included the theme!

We went to a fondue dinner followed by bar hopping in the city. It was so much fun! I picked three bars that were all based around a theme and all different from the others. We started at Smugglers Cove which is pirate theme and only serves rum. Think Pirates of the Caribbean meets Sponge Bob! The atmosphere is so much fun and the drinks are delicious. The next bar was called Novela. This bar is amazing and is practically a bar in a library. The last bar we went to was the best way to close out the night! It is called Phonobar and it is like stepping into Mad Men. Super retro in a classy way with specialty drinks and in the back there was a live DJ. We closed the bar down at 3 a.m. dancing the night away.

On Sunday morning we did brunch by the ocean and then headed home. It was such a great weekend and I gained three friends! I honestly love all the girls that shared this experience with me and I was so much more excited for the wedding knowing these girls better.

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