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I can’t believe school is starting already…like how?! I swear it was just finals and once more we are virtual here in California. That means lots of school at home. This time around I wanted to be more prepared and have a set up at home that sets me up for success (and much less stress) this semester.

I thought it would be fun to share with you what I bought for school and to hopefully help out any fellow students stressed about a full semester online. This list is geared more toward college level but could also apply to high school as well. This Wednesday’s Wishlist is going to be a little different from the ones before in that it will be more broken down.

Last semester it was such a scramble to go from being on campus one week to being fully online the next. I honestly had no desk, no earphones, and nothing to really prepare for what I was about to endure! This time around I have a plan and FINALLY a good set up.


I cannot stress how important this is! Take it from someone who did class in bed and had the hardest time paying attention because she did not have the most basic setup for school. You at least need a desk. Even if its a small one in a corner somewhere, get a designated work area. A desk like this one would be perfect!

If you are using a laptop I highly recommend this laptop stand. Not only does it keep your computer from over heating but it also prevents you from slouching! I am all for anything that helps me when sitting for long periods of time which is why I also love this lumbar support to put on my chair.


Last semester I dropped the ball on writing down due dates and assignments which led to me forgetting a lot of things and causing so much stress. I personally love Erin Condren planners but they can be expensive. The academic planners are so great for keeping track of everything school related. I also really like these from Target. I also think it’s a smart idea to have a large calendar to keep nearby to reference for dates. I personally own this glass one and I love it so much! I have it right by my desk and it’s so convenient.


With circumstances being what they are school supplies are looking different this year. I highly recommend getting some blue light glasses (unless your prescription glasses have them) to help with the hours of staring at the computer and the strain on your eyes. I also think that having a wireless charger by your desk is such a must have. You don’t want to have to worry about finding a cable to plug into to charge your phone in the middle of lecture.

If you don’t have AirPods or some other type of bluetooth headphones, you need them. Like now! Last semester I had nothing, not even plug in headphones, and my life was so hard. Dealing with zoom lectures while dealing with people making a lot of noise leads to a horrible school experience. Having them allows me to concentrate so much more.


Buy yourself some snacks. I prefer healthy options like mini kind bars or NOKA fruit pouches but if your heart desires flaming hot Cheetos then go for it #quarantinelife. My schedule is going to be crazy and I only have 5 minutes between each class which means I will have no time to go and make lunch. I think that having snacks on hand will make life so much easier.

Along the lines of food I also plan on having a 32oz water bottle on my desk for me to drink throughout the day. It is so important to stay hydrated and this just makes it easy. On the flip side of that I also will be having my coffee every morning. I am planning on making this semester as pleasurable as possible and if that means having cute coffee mugs to look at well then so be it!

So one thing that I can’t do without during school are these clear tip highlighters. I literally highlight everything: notes, dates, my calendar, books…it helps me to make note of important things I need to pay attention to. If you don’t currently think you need highlighters I recommend trying them out and see how much better your life is for it!

I hope you all are enjoying your last days of summer vacation! I know I am especially now that I have everything ready for school. I hope that this list helps and that we all have a good semester.


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