It’s a new month which means a new XIO bag! I was super excited when this months theme was announced because it is perfect! This month’s theme is “Sun Seeker”.

“Chasing the sun from sun up, to sun down.”


  • Solaris Necklace $53
  • Goldie Bracelet $48
  • Lady Leo RIng $48
  • Soleil Ring $44
  • Ray-Ray Studs $25


I honestly love everything this month! I can see so many of these pieces mixing with other pieces from previous months as well as being wearable all year long.

There was one major change this month and it was the bags that the jewelry comes in. Typically they are white velvet bags but they got changed into plastic bags. I honestly prefer the fabric bags. The plastic ones are definitely good quality but I liked the other ones better. I also have bought some pieces from the website and noticed that everything comes in a box now instead of the velvet bags. Not a huge deal but definitely something worth mentioning.

Get $10 off your first box: http://xiobyylette.refr.cc/lyndsayg


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