Ever since quarantine started I have stayed home. I mean obviously I go to the grocery store and I will go on the occasional drive and get coffee but, I haven’t been out and about. The past week or so, as things have been re-opening, my boyfriend and I have been wanting to go do something. We constantly are at war with what is safe and what we want to do. Of course safety wins out 100% of the time.

We really have been wanting to go to the beach, which is about a 45 to 50 minute drive. I also want to preface that we are the kind of people who are totally okay with going for long drives even if it is for coffee or food. So when we started talking about the beach we both agreed to drive down with all intentions of stay BUT if we don’t feel safe about it or there are way too many people we would get food and come home.

Even though there was a chance we weren’t going to stay, I still packed and dressed as if we were going to be there for the day! I, of course, packed some quarantine essentials like a face mask and hand sanitizer.

{Beach Bag (Old)- Similar Here | Hat (Old)- Similar Here | Water Bottle-Can Only Buy In Store | Clear Bag (Old)- Similar Here | Chapstick | Lotion | Beach Blanket (Old)- Similar Here | Hand Sanitizer (Not Available) -Similar Here}

When we got there the weather was gorgeous! We found a very secluded spot on the beach and felt very safe and comfortable. We wore our masks until we set up our spot and got settled. Once I was ready to relax I did take off my mask but my face was covered with my giant sun hat.

We spent about 2 hours there and decided to bounce out earlier than anticipated because people started crowding us and we didn’t feel comfortable about it.

I will say, the beach was super clean and I felt very safe with the lack of people (well less than normal). Here are some pictures I took while I was there.

{Bathing Suit Coverup | Sandals | Sunglass (old)- Similar Here | Face Mask (homemade) | Earrings (Not Available)- Similar Here}

I know that there is going to be another huge surge out here and my boyfriend and I both felt that this was our one opportunity to go out before quarantine ends. We have been so cooped up that this was a much needed beach trip. We enjoyed soaking up the sun while we could and heavily sanitized after.

Have you made any quick trips to the beach or anywhere else? I would love to know your thoughts and how you feel/felt about it! This definitely was a different beach experience than normal.


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