I have always been a big fan of Target. As I peruse the beauty isles I always notice a brand called Pacifica Beauty but never really gave thought of trying it until recently. Pacifica Beauty is an all natural brand that has everything from skincare to makeup to supplements. I picked up a few products to try and I can honestly say that I am a fan!


The first thing I purchased were the Bright Eye masks, the Super Green Detox sheet mask, and the Mattify Prep sheet mask. I love the eye masks so much that every time I go to Target I pick up a few just to have on hand. I love putting them in the fridge for a few hours before I use them. It feels so soothing and my skin soaks them up! After trying these out I picked up the Cosmic Vanish pore strips and the Stress Rehab sheet mask.

The other thing that I picked up was the Pore Warrior Booster Serum. I really love using this at night underneath my moisturizer. My skin always looks so good in the morning and I do feel like it does help with my oiliness.


The only makeup item I purchased was the cherry mattifying setting spray. I love the smell of this spray and I think it works really well for a drugstore natural spray. Do I stay shine free all day? No, but I do stay pretty matte for a good amount of time. I am excited to try some other makeup products they have!


I picked up the Ocean Citrus Body Scrub and two hair mists. I love the smell of the body scrub! It is such a good scrub and the scent is very uplifting. I love that it isn’t too harsh on your skin but gets the job done!

The hair mists also double as body mists. I purchased the Moonray Bloom and the Tahitian Gardenia mist because I couldn’t decide on which scent I liked better. I love the smell of both of them and have been using them constantly. I only wash my hair once a week so having a spray to keep it smelling fresh is such a great thing to have! The Moonray Bloom smells very fresh and vanilla-y and the Tahitian Gardenia smells floral but not grandma…more summer vacay in Hawaii.

Have you tried anything from Pacifica? I know that they have been around for a while but it is definitely a new brand to me and I love it! If you have any reccommendations for products to try let me know down below!


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