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With the world opening back up…so are Disney parks everywhere! Here in Southern California nothing has opened yet BUT that doesn’t mean that I am idly waiting by. I am of course gathering all the things I want/need for that blissful first day back!

If there is anything you are interested in just click on the link and it will take you to the page (nothing is affiliate).

I know that things are going to be very different than before and I am fully okay with that. So, I have ordered several Disney face masks just for the parks. I love this one and this one for every season!

Since I live in a very hot climate, even if the park opens up in the fall, It’s still going to be HOT. I ordered this super cute fan for that hot weather (which I’m sure will feel hotter with a mask on). I will definitely be putting this to good use and it even lights up for night time!

I have been ordering Disney shirts from Hella Cute Company and I can’t wait to finally wear them in the park! I also purchased this spirit jersey from the Shop Disney website. I love their Spirit Jerseys because they are too heavy which makes them perfect for the parks at night when it starts to cool down.

I have been venturing more and more into Disney accessories and I have been obsessed with the Fawn Doe straw charms. It’s also super cool to know that we literally live in the same city! Besides charms, I have been buying some more reusable cups from For The Love Of Pixie Dust. I know that currently you can’t use reusable cups anywhere BUT I am definitely going to use it in the car to stay hydrated!

On the more practical side, I always am in need of chapstick wherever I am and I have been loving this one from Palmer’s. I also have always been a huge hand sanitizer junkie and really want to try this one out. I love spray sanitizers way more than the gel and the foam kind. I also have been looking at ways to sanitize my phone, keys, and credit cards that doesn’t involve wet wipes and harsh chemicals. I recently found this UV sanitizer and I will be purchasing it soon! I know that it will definitely be smart to have for when things re-open.

I also (always) carry on me some essential oil roller balls. The problem is they tend to get lost in my bag. I have been purchasing some really cute things specifically made for essential oils including this super cute roller ball pouch!

Are you anxiously waiting to go back or are you going to wait awhile once the parks open? I also would love to know what your Disneyland essentials are so leave me a comment down below!


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