It has been such a long time since I have treated myself to a Coach bag. The last time I bought one was in 2008! I have been putting my money towards other things and honestly was completely fine with it. I do definitely feel it as a luxury to have one and NOT a necessity. Recently, I took a look at all on my purses (designer and not) and realized that it was time to get rid of a majority of them. My designer bags have a lot of visual and physical wear that just can’t be fixed and my non-designer bags are literally falling apart! It was definitely time to buy a new bag and get rid of the old.

I spent a long time on multiple websites looking at bags, reading comments, and figuring out what the best bag for me would be. At the time, I had two trips coming up (one has been canceled and the other is still up in the air). I decided to go for a crossbody bag that would be comfortable to wear as well as something that could hold all of my essentials. I also wanted something that could go with any outfit!

My love for Coach runs deep. It was one of my very first designer bags I ever bought in high school and to this day it is a brand I return to over and over again. When I saw the Cassie bag I knew instantly it was the perfect bag! I decided to go with white for it’s versatility even though white gets dirty easily I am going to take active measures to keep it clean. I also love the three different strap options. It is so versatile!

With everything going on in the world a lot of stores are closed and Coach was one of them. When the online store reopened I snagged up this bag! I am so excited to have it even though my life is currently on hold and there is no place to take it to, but I can’t wait for quarantine to be over with to show off my new bag!

Have you made any investment purchases during quarantine? I find myself making more than I probably should! I will justify it as making thoughtful investments while I purge out the old (I am purging quite a bit)!


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