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If you have read any of my past few post you’ll know this but if not well…I have been dying to go to Disneyland! With that comes a lot of Disney music, movies, and online browsing on Shop Disney. I have been browsing a lot lately looking at all the cute spring things they have so I thought I would do a little Wednesday Wishlist for you guys! Here are all the things I am LOVING from

I am always in the mood for new ears and how cute are these Haunted Mansion and Coral ones?! I could totally see myself wearing thee all the time. I also love this lavender Spirit Jersey and green long sleeve Disneyland shirt.

I have been in a big purse mood lately and I am looking to add some new and get rid of the old crusty bags I have. I am in love with this Disney Dog Dooney & Burke bag as well as this Loungefly Aristocats bag! This backpack would also be great for the parks. I could totally see it with some Disney patches on it to make it a custom piece!

Speaking of pins I actually have a small collection in my possession that I started when I was 13! I really love Stitch pins (because he’s my favorite obviously) and I love this one.

I love this Mickey ice cream bar necklace because it’s one of my favorite things to eat in the parks. Last Christmas I was given a Rebecca Hook x Disney necklace and I instantly became obsessed. The quality is so great and it’s such an easy (simple) way to add some Disney magic to any outfit. So, naturally I’ve been looking to expand my selection. I also love this Disney paw necklace! Fun fact: all my pets are named after Disney characters. I also would love to get this dog spirit jersey because how cute would that be to match your pup?!

Have you been doing some online Disney window shopping? I would love to know what you’ve been eyeing so leave me a comment down below!


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