I am a HUGE fan of reading and typically read 2 to 3 books at a time (#multitasking). I also like to read books that go with the seasons which I know is on the weird side. I currently have soo many books on my “to read” list and I thought it would be fun to share some of my picks for spring!

The Wedding Date | So with spring comes a lot of talk of weddings and honestly I think this book will be a LOL read. It is about a guy who gets invited to his ex’s wedding and the night before still doesn’t have a date. He serendipitously gets stuck in an elevator with a woman who agrees to be his date. Nothing could go wrong, right? 

Girl Wash Your Face | I’m pretty sure everyone and their mom has heard of this book (and probably has read it too). I still have not read it but I really want to this Spring! 

The Home Edit | Spring brings spring cleaning and I love getting super organized during this time of year. I can’t wait to flip through the pages of this book to show me how to make my place look so clean and organized. Plus, with all this time at home it’s the perfect opportunity to get things organized.

Magnolia Table Volume 2 | I am such a fan of Jo and Chip Gaines ever since their tv days on Fixer Upper. Last year when Magnolia Table came out I dove headfirst into all the delicious recipes and I am so excited for volume 2! There have been some sneak peeks on Joanna’s Instagram and I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on the black forest cake recipe. The thing I love most about her cookbooks is that she always includes little stories with each recipe.

In Five Years | This one is such an interesting concept to me and sounds like a really fun read. It is about a woman whose five-year-plan is on track. Every hour when she wakes up her life is on a different path and gives her a taste of what her life can be in all these different scenarios. As a person whose path isn’t completely decided I think this book will be a great reminder of the power of our choices.

The Jetsetters | This book I honestly was going to wait to read until I got on my cruise but that cruise is no longer happening. I still plan on reading it because its sounds so fun! It is about a dysfunctional family who have a reunion on a cruise. What could go wrong?!

All Along You Were Blooming | This is a poetry pick and before you dismiss the idea, I think this is a very different kind of poetry book. It is beautifully illustrated and all the poems are about life. It is written in a way that is easy to read as well as relatable. It sort of reminds me of fancy daily affirmations in a good way!

Travel Home: Design with a Global Spirit | I am really craving some design inspo right now. I want to refresh my spaces to bring more joy and I think this book will be a great start. I also love getting design books because they are also great coffee table books!

The Hazel Wood | This one I was so intrigued to read because it is about a mother and daughter whose bad luck seems to follow them everywhere! Honestly sounds like a memoir of my life HA! When a family member dies mysteriously, they see just how bad their luck can actually get. 

What are you currently reading and/or wanting to read? I am always looking for recommendations and would love to know!


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