Well…it happened. Towards the middle of last week California got some pretty heavy news: we are quarantined until mid May. It was pretty hard to swallow because first of all, that’s a lot longer than anticipated and for me, that was the week my work was suppose to open back up. That is obviously not going to happen now. That leaves me out of work for longer than planned.

When my work shut down I applied for unemployment and did get approved mid March. To this day I have received $0. Things are getting tough as my bill due dates are approaching. I honestly am extremely nervous that it will be another few weeks before I receive any money. I know that a lot of people are applying and that makes the process slower but it’s still hard.

We just experienced our “peak week” (or so they say) and it was hard to justify leaving the house at all. I was dying to go on a walk or go to my local coffee shop but I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to risk anything. It also has been raining steadily all week which did help to stay in but as the weeks go on, it is getting much harder.

I am really hoping that things get better by May for all our sakes! I think we all need a good dose of normalcy and are aching to get back to our daily grind. I miss driving to go to work and to school and seeing all the people in my life.

I hope you guys are hanging in there! Have you experienced your peak week yet?


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