-some Easter goodies from one of my favorite shops-

-trying out some new face masks-

-doing activities that bring me peace-

– enjoying the rainy weather in all its glory –

– enjoying all the candles I have stashed away –

This week has been a much slower pace and place of mind. The past two weeks I was trying to stay super busy, as to not get bored, and I decided that I deserved a break physically and mentally. I think in such scary times it is really important to take time for your mental well being and I was completely neglecting that.

During this rainy, gloomy week I have been enjoying things I love but normally don’t get to do because Im typically not home when it rains. I have been enjoying relaxing on the couch, binging Hulu and coloring in my adult coloring books. I also have been enjoying my coffee every morning more so then normal. I usually am doing multiple things while getting my caffeine fix but this week I have been leisurely drinking it.

I recently placed an order from Shop A to Z on Instagram that was an Easter mystery egg and I received them in the mail! They are so cute and were definitely what the doctor ordered. I typically spend easter at Disneyland with my family but obviously that is not happening this year due to Coronavirus. We usually do their Easter egg hunt and have been collecting the eggs ever since. So, getting some sort of Easter egg is super special and definitely gives me some normalcy during this time (and happiness).

I have been focusing a lot on my skincare this week (which I haven’t done in FOREVER). I have been trying out some Trader Joe’s face masks that have been in my bathroom since December. It feels so good to just leisurely do my skincare and have it not feel like “a thing I have to do before bed or after work”. I feels like a luxury and I am loving it!

I’m sure this will come as no surprise but I have a large stash of Bath and Body Works candles. I typically love to burn them in the fall and winter. Unfortunately I was so busy during those times that I didn’t have a chance to really enjoy them. Well I am making up for lost time! I have been burning candles like there is no tomorrow and have been loving every second of it!

I hope that you are all finding ways of getting in some me time during this past week and I am also hoping you have a wonderful Easter! This Easter will be extremely different for a lot of us and I think it is helpful to try and find those silver linings and focus on the positive!


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