Last year I booked a 4 day cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. This would have been my very first cruise and I was beyond excited! Growing up I always heard people say how they were going on a cruise to (insert fabulous location here). I’ve always wanted to go on one but because most people in my life have motion sickness…let’s just say it never worked out.

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in May and we thought a cruise would be a pretty ideal way to celebrate. We had it all booked and paid for, our excursions were picked out, and we were starting to buy things we were taking with us. When news of coronavirus started to reach us we were playing it by ear with our cruise to see if it was going to be canceled. Two months went by and the cruise line we booked was giving incentive to NOT cancel so we were still holding out that it wasn’t going to be canceled.

About a week ago I got the dreaded email that said our cruise was canceled and I was crushed. I booked this cruise in January of 2019. I had been dreaming about sitting on the deck with a Pina colada in hand looking out at the blue ocean. I also had so many posts planned here about what to buy, what to pack, travel diaries, and outfit inspiration.

I know that the cruise is being canceled for good reasons but I still feel I have the right to feel really sad about it all. My boyfriend has been super sweet about the whole thing reassuring me that we will go on a cruise once things get back to normal and we will find another special way to celebrate. I have another super special trip planned in July which I am praying doesn’t get canceled.

There is so much uncertainty going on right now and it is so easy to feel sad, scared, anxious, and overwhelmed. These are trying times and I honestly was keeping my sense of “normalcy” with the things I had planned in the future. Now that those things are being canceled I am starting to feel the weight of it all.

I hope you are all doing well and to any of you who have had plans canceled due to coronavirus know that I feel for you. Stay safe out there!



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