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Spring has finally sprung and I am dreaming about spring cleaning and organizational projects. I know..I know; its a strange thing to dream about BUT I am dying to re-organize my kitchen! It is not as functional as I wish it was and that needs to change – plus, being stuck inside, I’m in desperate need of a project. I have been searching for things on Amazon and here are a few things at the top of my list.

I am a huge drink ware fan. I have soo many cups, bottles, and mugs it should be against the law! TBH the only thing I have trouble organizing are my bottles. I love this rack because it lets you see everything at once (which is my problem)!

In the pantry section of my kitchen I have been itching to get my hands on a spice riser like this one as well as a can holder like this! I think it would be easier to find things and everything will be so nice and organized.

In my larger pantry I am in desperate need of new food storage like these. I love that they are square so they should fit nice and neat. I also want some snack organizers like this one.

In my fridge I really want a lazy Susan to put condiments in for easy access like this one. I also really want a nice tea organizer like this as well as a way to organize baking pans and cutting boards like this.

I want storage baskets like these to pretty much put under every sink for quick organizing and I have always wanted a Roomba to help out with the vacuuming. I know its not kitchen related but I really want one!

What have you had your eye on for organizing? I would love to know so I can check it out! Also, what projects are you taking on during quarantine? Leave a comment below!


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