It has been a little over a week since I have been at home in quarantine. I started off really strong. I was cleaning everyday, keeping a routine up, and getting some fresh air daily. As day five rolled around, my discipline started to crack. What did I do? I did way too much online shopping. I know it’s not the worst thing to do but it also wasn’t ideal. I eventually justified it as supporting small business I love as well as following through with my tax refund plans I had previously made (but held off on due to COVID-19 craziness). So I thought it would be fun to share with you what I have bought during quarantine!


I bought two tie dye sweatshirts: one from Urban Outfitters and one from Target. While they are similar in color and trend they are different in style. I love them both and I have been wearing them constantly!

I also bought this shirt from Urban Outfitters (on sale)! I have had my eye on this shirt for a while now and decided to get it! I do wish that I had gone up a size to make it a little less snug but I still love it.

I bought this sweater from Lulus for work and travel but I honestly feel it is just a good piece to have for Fall and Winter. It was also on sale and I couldn’t pass it up. The quality is great and I do not regret it at all.

I have had my eye on this dress for a while (from Madison and Mallory) and initially wanted it for work. I did buy it even though I am not currently working because I know that when I do start work again I will wear it. Also if the two trips I had planned by some miracle still happen, I will wear it there as well!


This was an item I planned on buying with part of my tax refund. I currently have no headphones. This honestly was more of a necessity than a splurge. I live with two other people, have extremely loud neighbors upstairs, and have been doing lots of video calling. I needed some noise cancelling earphones STAT! I also got them engraved and they are so pretty!


I bought two cups from For The Love Of Pixie Dust. It is an online store that creates the cutest personalized Disney cups! I ordered a castle cup and a matte tumbler with Bruni (the fire spirit from Frozen II) on it. I was having major Disney withdrawals when I ordered this! They won’t be in my hands for a few weeks but it will be worth the wait. The one pictured above is a previous purchase.

Another Disney withdrawal purchase I made was from World Traveler Trading. In all honesty I actually have been eyeing these for a long time on Etsy and decided to just do it and bought three. One is a present for my mom (her birthday is in May) and the other two are for me! I love small ways of adding Disney into everyday life.

So this is pretty much what I have spent my money on (so far). I bought some other things like contacts, food, batteries but those honestly are like every day things and not what I consider “quarantine shopping” HAHA! Is there anything you’ve bought recently due to being stuck at home? I would love to know! 


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