As I enter into week two of my isolation I feel like I have watched everything on Netflix and Hulu. I thought I would share with you all some movie marathons I will be indulging in this weekend to give my smart TV a break!

HARRY POTTER | I love Harry Potter and I’m not ashamed to say it HA! But honestly, this is probably my favorite movie marathon to have over a weekend. It has comedy, drama, magic, and it is a long marathon!

SHREK | I recently enjoyed a Shrek marathon the other day with my boyfriend and I forgot how much I love these movies! This one is great for kids and adults.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON | Another all ages favorite of mine! I love toothless sooo much and I think that this trilogy was ended so perfectly.

LORD OF THE RINGS | I know this one will be hit or miss but I think it’s definitely one to consider. I personally have to be in the mood to watch this series BUT when I do I get so engrossed in it all!

STAR WARS | Same goes for Star Wars. So many people hate it but just as many love it. My attitude on it? Well I personally like Star Wars (especially the droids) and I feel like you can either watch it all chronologically or you can break it up into three. You can watch the OG three films, the middle three (the “beginning” of the story), or you can watch the newest parts (which is the “end” of the story).

INDIANA JONES | Honestly you can never go wrong with some good old-fashioned Indiana Jones adventures! This brings back memories of my childhood watching with my family as well as nostalgia for Disneyland!

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN | I love me some Pirates! I honestly love them all but if I had to pick my “favorites” I would pick: Curse of the Black Pearl, On Stranger Tides, and Dead Men Tell No Tales. This also gives me MAJOR Disneyland nostalgia!

THE KARATE KID | This series I also have to be in the mood for but with that being said it is a great series! This one is definitely 80’s vibes and I’m not mad at it.

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA | This is such a great family friendly one as well! I grew reading these books and when they were turned into films I pretty much lost my mind! I just wished they had done all of them but there are three movies that were made and I really feel that they were done beautifully.

PITCH PERFECT | This is definitely more of a “girls night” pick but I had to include it! There are so many great moments in these movies and I love to sing along to them while drinking some wine.

MEN IN BLACK | MIB is one of my favorites to this day! I love some Will Smith comedy and space spoof. This is one of those series that I love watching with my boyfriend. We always end up laughing so much and always have a good time.

What are you watching currently? I would love some recommendations! Are there are marathons (not listed) that you will/have been watching? Leave a comment down below!


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