As we are all pretty much in lock-down right now I thought I would put together a list of shows I have been binge watching lately! I hope this helps in keeping you sane while staying safe. Leave any recommendations down below for shows to watch!


GILMORE GIRLS | I have been a fan of this show since it originally aired! I love the mix of comedy, drama, and heart breaking moments…plus I relate way too much to the whole obsessive amounts of coffee consumption. The best part? It has 7 seasons!

GOSSIP GIRL | This is one of my guilty pleasures and another long-running show. I actually didn’t even watch it until a few years ago and now I’m in love! It reminds me of the modern and younger version of Sex in the City (with wayyy more drama and takedowns).


THE GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOWDOWN | I love watching UK baking shows. They are all so nice and pleasant and well kind of funny! The one thing that I really love is that the area used for the completion is usually somewhere outside and gorgeous. Everything is so light and airy looking…I mean the food looks great too!

STAY HERE | Genevieve Gorder is one of my favorite interior designers! I have been following her for a while (and through various shows). This is such a fun show to watch! I think it is perfect for being cooped up inside because it gives major inspiration for decoration.

QUEER EYE | If you haven’t watched this show yet, you need to! I honestly love this for a good cry! Each episode always leaves me feeling so happy for the person whose life is transformed. The best part is there is no like sequence for episodes so you can pick and choose which you like (but like honestly watch. them. all.)!


ONCE UPON A TIME | ANOTHER fun long-running show! I am a huge fan of fairytales (especially Disney) and I love the spin that they put on everything! At the end of every season you pretty much think “how are they going to top that” and well they do.

CHARMED | I also was a fan of this show from the beginning! It’s another long running show with 7 seasons. I love the magic aspect with a good amount of normality to it as well. I also am in love with the house they live in! Talk about Victorian house dreams.

LOCKE AND KEY | So TBH I am only on episode 4 but I really like this show. Every episode leaves me with more questions. My friend and I decided to watch an episode a day and talk about it afterwards during the weird time and I am all for it!


EXPLAINED | This one is a bit more educational but honestly kind of fascinating! If you’ve ever wondered about, well, anything this show explains it and in a short amount of time. The diamond episode got me hooked!

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